Possibly? No. Surely not. Maybe? Probably…?

Firebloke and I had a serious talk the other day.  He sat me down, put on his serious face and said, ‘I think you’re pregnant’. Huh??! I only had my coil taken out about two weeks ago, and he’s been working nights most of that time! Highly unlikely. 

He laid out the case for me. My period is due, yet my skin is crystal clear. Better than it has been in months, in fact (my rosacea cleared up last time I was pregnant). He’d been asking me to do loads of stuff for him, and I’d done it without telling him to eff off…and when he pointed this out I didn’t bite his head off…doesn’t really sound like pre-menstrual me.

Halfway through this conversation I asked if I could get him a coffee. OH GOD YOU ARE PREGNANT he joked. 

Hmm. So I’ve been feeling pretty sick the last couple of days. Last night the smell of the leftover dinner had me pretty het up and this morning I had to gag down my weetabix. Firebloke said surely it’s too early for you to feel sick… yeah because my body is known to react in a normal way to pregnancy hormones! The pelvic girdle pain, the prolonged labour, the postpartum psychosis…
Maybe he’s on to something. Exciting times! Just need both of us to be in the house and awake whilst toddler is asleep so we can take a pregnancy test. Don’t fancy her knowing just yet and blurting it out to everyone!

Firebloke will be mighty p’d off if I am pregnant already, he thinks he’ll miss out on all the sexy times!

Watch this space…


4 thoughts on “Possibly? No. Surely not. Maybe? Probably…?

  1. I’m loving reading your posts. You might remember we were in touch by private messag some months ago. We’re in the same boat with a few issues – pregnancy, motherhood, “mental health” and other stuff too. Delighted to read about your pregnancy but sad that the GP you saw about your eye responded so thoughtlessly.


    • I do remember, Thank you for reading and sharing! Thankfully the GP has been overshadowed by some great antenatal care lately, which I intend to write about when I get a few minutes (when firegirl moves out maybe??). Hope you are well at the moment?


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