Not my finest hour


I am most definitely not at my best today. I’ve had a couple of late nights helping out friends in need and preparing birthday stuff, and firegirl had been waking in the night out of the blue.

I know I’m a person who needs a lot of sleep generally but even this minor sleep disruption is having quite a big impact on my mood. I’m very impatient and cranky today and poor firegirl is taking the brunt of it.

She’s clearly pretty tired too after two days with no afternoon nap; everything today is no and why and I’m not going to do that. She certainly seems to have misplaced her ‘big girl voice’ and I’m embarrassed to admit I just can not deal with her whiny pleading today.

All this has culminated in me strong arming her like a rugby ball from the shops to the car whilst she thrashed around like an angry octopus. I couldn’t really give two shits what people who saw were thinking, but I am disappointed in myself. I usually try to be a lot more patient and responsive to her needs but I just don’t have it in me today.

I’ll be honest, it’s got me worried. If I’m like this after missing only a couple of hours sleep (if that), what will I be like with a newborn? It seems like someone will have to be the one to suffer, but will that be me, firegirl, or the hatchling firechick? I don’t want it to be anyone, but I don’t see what options we have.

You know what, I think I better sleep on it. Here’s to daytime naps.