Bring Back 2016

Remember when Andrew Lansley was health Secretary,  and after months of fuck ups and ignoring staff and the public he finally got the sack, and we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse than him,  then we got Jeremy Hunt? That’s what 2017 is like for my family.

We are only 5 days in and already it’s as much a motherfucker as 2016, if not worse. In the last 3 days I’ve had my hopes of ever breastfeeding again dashed, my husband got hit by a lorry whilst he was driving the girls to town, and now the littlest one is back in hospital with a virus, just when she was about to reach ‘longer out than in’.

I feel like at the moment I barely get the chance to celebrate the little good things before a ton of shit falls on my head again. Yesterday firechick exceeded her birth weight first the first time, at 10 weeks old. We’d barely popped the cork on the champers before she started one continuous, day long poonami that’s seen her lose it all again. So here I am in children’s A&E at 2am and I can’t even bring my buggy because the wheels won’t fit in to the damn small car after a SODDING LORRY DROVE IN TO THE BIG ONE. 

PS, I haven’t expressed for 7 hours so my boobs are about to explode. Happy Fucking New Year.


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